The Circle of LIFE…!

It is said that History repeats itself and life takes a complete circle. If you aren’t back to where you began, all it means is that the journey isn’t over. Maybe it may take one lifetime, maybe many, but you will end your journey exactly where it began. Even the Universe ends its journey exactly where it began – in a massive infinite small black hole of absolute death and on the other side, life will begin once again in a massive big bang and hence it will continue in a never ending cycle.

Now, the question is, “What is the purpose of  this journey when we return to the point from where we started?”  The purpose of life is not the DESTINATION but the JOURNEY itself. Let me put it in another way – all of us are aware of the cycle of rain. The sun heats the water of the sea, making it rise in the form of gas. Large masses of these water vapours evaporate, which are then blown over land by monsoon winds. These clouds rise when they hit the mountains, thus precipitating as rain. But this is only half the journey, what happens after it has rained? The water finds its way back to the streams and then rivers and finally flows back into the sea. Some of the water that comes as rains is consumed by humans, animals and plants but ultimately even the water used by us escapes into rivers and then into the sea.

The journey exactly ends where it all began. Can we say that the journey of water serves no purpose? What would happen to us if the sea felt that there is no point of this journey as it is eventually back to its initial place?      We all would die!

So, I can conclude that,


Those who understand this simple truth, always lead a happy life.


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